Yamaha PDX-B11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers with Bluetooth connectivity technology are now in fashion, thanks to the fact that almost every smartphone is compatible with the pro
Today, in the market you can find everything from cheap loudspeakers, serious speakers with Bluetooth technology, such as portable
SoundLink up to the leading, in the design version, such portable premium acoustics as Bang & Olufsen BeoLit 12. Yamaha also
side and released the PDX-B11 columns available for the masses. The Yamaha PDX-B11 certainly has an interesting
design and is more like studio lighting than on a column – from a certain point of view.

Yamaha PDX-B11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

Yamaha PDX-B11 wireless speaker

Interface and construction

At first glance, the Yamaha PDX-B11 looks like an equipment for studio lighting in the form of an octagon rather than a
The upper part of the device contains large rubber buttons, which can easily be taken over by a five-year-old child. This is a volume adjustment button
turn on Bluetooth and turn on / off the speakers. In our test test, the instrument was blue, while
Available also in orange, black and gray colors. With a metal grille on the front side and a symmetrical design,
the Yamaha PDX-B11  column pleases the eye. When the column is located on the front side, the octagon
device. A finely designed mesh covers the inside of the device. The device weight of 1.5 kg may seem significant for
wireless speaker, but it’s much more than you can expect from your regular wireless speakers. Take, for example, a mob
a wireless speaker Bose SoundLink Bluetooth, which resembles in size a very thick diary (looks quite voluminous
really wireless speakers) and weighs 1.3 kg; its dimensions are 244 × 130 × 48 mm. For comparison, the dimensions of the Yamaha PDX-B11 reach 21
and distributes its 1.5 kg of weight to a larger volume. In combination with the handle for carrying and its weight distribution profile, we believe that
The Yamaha PDX-B11 is fairly easy to carry in your hand, which is a great advantage. This device does not need to be connected to a power source
PDX-B11 is capable of working on 6 AA batteries, which increases the mobility of the device in the future, since you are not permanently attached
power supply.

Here is the ideal scenario for using Yamaha.

Yamaha PDX-B11 portable wireless speaker
The rubber buttons on the top of the speakers are easy to understand – they adjust the volume, turn on the device and match the device with Bl
A sturdy handle helps to carry the column. Most portable speakers with Bluetooth technology have built-in lithium ion
in this context, Yamaha’s decision not to use built-in batteries is at least interesting. Using
type AA helps to reduce the cost of speakers, and also helps if you used your batteries, just buy new ones to your colo
worked. Perhaps the best combination would be a combination of all power options – direct DC input, lithium-ion battery
using AA batteries. Despite the fact that this may be an avid statement on our part, this is just a compromise that
Yamaha does to provide support for the robustness and mobility of a portable speaker, although perhaps lithium ion power was used
the last configuration, after charging the battery, you will then need a power source to charge it, and it will be inconvenient,
on a trip, away from the power source. In this picture you can see that the model PDX-B11  can work for 6 baht
AA. A 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input (for sound from any other wired devices) and an external power supply port are also visible.


In order to help him download the Yamaha PDX-B11 audio speaker is armed with one 0.375-inch speaker for
4-inch speaker for low frequencies. In truth, the list of characteristics may not coincide with the influential port rivals
columns in this segment of the market, such as Bose SoundLink. Starting with the song Adele “My soul turns into stone,” the PDX-B11 was able to accurately
the warmth of the track. The high frequencies are generally good, although some distortions have been heard on the most stressful parts of the song. Reverbe
flooded with a voice with an average range, lacked clarity, but in general the column showed a good result. However, since the difficulty
Test tracks have increased, we noted more defects in their performance. While the 4-inch woofer is able to transmit depth
a good dynamic load, the low-frequency version of the PDX-B11 is not clear and blurry, as becomes evident in the performance of a com
Elements of life. The most disturbing thing is that when the volume is added to the level of 60%, the speakers start to make hissing sounds. Kr
The Yamaha speakers have an extremely narrow audio range, in part due to the configuration of the speakers. During testing, we experienced
falling in loudness, with our movement in space.

So is it worth buying a Yamaha PDX-B11?

The audio performance was somewhat disappointing. During normal tracks, the PDX-B11 column showed itself well. But, when you add
the dynamics do not quite match our expectations. The lower registers, the middle range and the sound stage, all these data show fences
which were disassembled in our performance section above. However, what you can not take away from the speakers of the Yamaha PDX-B11, so it’s low prices
what we saw and what we faced in the market, any good speaker with Bluetooth technology, which offers a good audio
excellent portability costs from 400 to 500 $. At half price Yamaha PDX-B11 provides “half” functionality
mentioned earlier, the column is extremely portable and can easily be carried in the hand. Audio performance will satisfy up to those
will listen to standard pop tracks. It would be unfair to expect portable speakers to accurately reproduce tracks
because the product is not intended for this. If you are looking for a portable speaker to carry on parties or a beach, the Yamaha PDX-B11 is what you need

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