JBL E65BTNC Review

I love to walk with music on headphones. But sometimes the environment is so noisy that even the maximum volume level does not save. For such cases, headphones with active noise reduction (ANC – Active Noise Cancellation) are intended. New JBL E65BTNC are just representatives of such models.

If you are familiar with the headphones JBL E55BT, then you will have a sense of deja vu when acquainting with the JBL E65BTNC – after all it is absolutely two identical models with minimal differences. In general, it lies in the presence of an additional button for activating active noise cancellation. Otherwise, there is no difference: a fabric headband, plastic bowls, control buttons on the sides and soft ear cushions of leatherette. The quality of the assembly and materials is not bad, but the plastic is quickly covered with scratches, especially in the black model (also available in blue and white).


With ergonomics full order – no change compared to the E55. After New Year the period of active fat burning and training has come, here the model has shown itself on 5 +. Despite the full-size form factor, the headphones sit perfectly and do not think to drop. During work, at home, on walks, there are also no problems. The clamping force is not the maximum and is just at the level when the headphones are not falling down yet, but the arc does not start to press on the head either.
Buttons are positioned correctly and intellectually, but I would like a more dedicated button to answer the call and play audio.


I can not say that for 200 bucks JBL E65BTNC play just perfect. No, the market lacks competitors, which produce a more meaty and pleasant sound. But there is one “but” – the headphones are wireless and have a good noise. A good one is when you go to the subway, and only the whole buzz is heard and you are able to enjoy the music. I liked the relaxed and quiet supply of sound – without blockages from the low or high. Vocals here, by the way, sounds very good. The difference in sound between the cable and air, I did not notice.

Several tracks of different genres to evaluate the sound:

The Neighborhood – Scary Love – a pleasant and elastic bass in the beginning is replaced by detailed high and excellent elaborate attack at an average loudness. As soon as you unscrew the volume to maximum, all the dynamic moments begin to sag and lose in detail. This track perfectly demonstrates the study of LF and HF in JBL E65BTNC.
Kendrick Lamar – Humble – a good test for contrasting sound. The constant soft beat and high-frequency plates with Kendrick’s sharp voice do not all teeth on the headphones. There is also a small porridge, but quite acceptable in a similar class of headphones.
Asking Alexandria – Into The Fire – if you are going to listen to heavy music in JBL E65BTNC, then I want to immediately warn you that this is not the best option, as this track demonstrates. Good detail is not achieved at maximum volume, otherwise everything interferes with porridge. But with all this, the drums, the crazy vocals and the wide scene are played out very clearly.

The microphone here is not the highest level – everything is ok in a quiet environment, but only there are external noises, they immediately interfere with the voice. Here, of course, there is not enough of such a system, which we observed in Parrot Zik – an ideal voice transmission even in the noisiest places.


On autonomy we have very good results: 24 hours of listening to music without ANC and 15 with the activated ANC. To this we add the fact that headphones can be used with a cable without using a battery and we get almost the most versatile headphones on the market. Full charge lasts 2 hours.


Let’s run right through the minuses: not the best microphone, not quite a good answer button for a bell and plastic in black headphones, which is quickly covered with scratches. As you can see, these are not the biggest disadvantages, but rather cavils. On the plus side we have much more: excellent noise, classy design, assembly, bad autonomy, the possibility of wire and wireless listening, good functionality, super ergonomics, good (albeit not good) sound in its class.

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